RAMMY ATV Lawn Mower

RAMMY ATV Lawn Mower


Cuts through tall grass and hay. It is fully equipped with a side shift kit allowing it to adjust 32 cm on the left or right.

It is possible to move the cutter 37 cm to the left if it is fitted with a side shift kit (optional).

With the adjustable frame, this Rammy is suitable for most 4x4 ATVs. If the centre mounting kit is on the bottom of your ATV, Rammy can be used with existing fasteners. We sell the centre mounting kits, if your ATV requires a kit, please reach out to your local dealer and they can assist.

The Rammy can also be attached with a lock hook 16-19-20 mm to most 4x4 ATVs.

Technical Details

Width 1,2 m. Cutting width 1,15 m.
Length 0,7 m
Weight Mower 90 kg
Auxiliary device frame 25 kg
Cutting/working principle 6 pieces of blades, rotating horizontally 4000 r/min. Hinged to fold, reduces wear and damage if hitting on small obstacles.
Cutting height Adjustable with lower roller and front wheels 2-10 cm. With winch 10-30 cm (depends on ATVs front suspension and ground clearance).
Engine Brigss&Stratton Series 3 Intek 344 cm3. Torque 25 Nm.
Fueltank 2,7 L.
Start Easy pull start
Consumption 1,5…2 L/h
Attachment on ATV Mount brackets with holes on dozer blade on ATV, hole Ø10mm adjustable width of mount bracket 240-500mm (outer dimension) and the adjustable length is 750-1250mm.
Lift/decline Winch of ATV
Remote control On-Off
Standard equipment -Adjustable accessory frame
-Adjustable roller
-Remote control
-Sharp hardened blades
-Side shift kit